Apple’s iOS safer and more secure than Android, says McAfee

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Apples iOS safer and more secure than Android, says McAfee

Android attracted more malware in the second quarter than any other mobile platform.


In the fight against malware, Apple ‘s IOS outshines Android as a safer environment, but no mobile device is free from risk, says a new report from McAfee (PDF).

Apple has so far done a good job of securing its devices, according to the report, noting that there have been no known cases of malware affecting iPhones, at least those that haven’t been jailbroken. One reason iOS is more secure is because Apple restricts the way users can download apps.

iOS device owners can only download apps through Apple ‘s App Store or through Mobile Device Management, which gives IT departments control over the Apple devices in their organizations. But even the Mobile Device Management requires approval from Apple .

Apple ‘s single App Store is also tightly controlled, leading to a safer and more secure environment.

In contrast, Google’s method of distributing software is more open, but with that openness comes risks. Though Google controls its own Android Market, users can download Android apps from third-party sites just as easily, which may not have the necessary security in place.

And even Android Market has proven vulnerable to t… [Read more]

Apples iOS safer and more secure than Android, says McAfee

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