Apple wins patent for intelligent dock connector

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Apple wins patent for intelligent dock connector

Patently Apple )

Your power management could be getting a whole lot smarter. Apple has just been granted a patent that details an intelligent dock connector able to properly adjust power levels for multiple connected devices from a single outlet source.

As with other power-related patents that Apple has applied for in the past, the technology involved here seems to be exactly the kind of thing people, including myself, have been waiting for. In a time when everything needs to be charged, be it a MacBook Pro, an iPad 2, or an iPhone 4S, having a one-and-done solution is certainly the solution many of us want.

The patent, uncovered by Patently Apple , lists some of the many functions the intelligent adapter could tackle.

“Prevent a portable computing device from drawing a high level of current that could be detrimental to an accessory, such as a cable.””Allow a battery pack or other accessory to instruct a portable computing device to not charge its internal battery.””Allow a portable computing device to determine which power supply among multiple power supplies should be used to power an accessory.””Allow an accessory to get charging current parameters from a portable computing device.”

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Apple wins patent for intelligent dock connector

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