Apple VP Of Global Security Departs

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prototypes in the past two years. The news was first reported by
, which has since been independently confirmed by
John was a special agent for the FBI for 26 years, after which he served at Pfizer for 11 years and finally joined Apple in 2007.
At first it may seem that his retirement decision was voluntary, but according to
forced John to retire.
During his tenure as the VP of Global Security, John oversaw Apple ‘s efforts to thwart counterfeit devices in China as well as the infamous iPhone prototype leaks.
happened back in early 2010, when an Apple employee lost an unreleased
prototype in a bar. The device ended up with the folks at
, who went on to tear apart the device and inspect it thoroughly.
, when an Apple employee lost an iPhone prototype in a bar,
. This time however, the person who ended up with the device was wise enough to not leak out any information about the device. No images, no videos nothing at all. Apple tracked down the device to a single family home in San Francisco. The residents however denied any knowledge about a lost iPhone prototype.
The mess intensified further, when Apple ‘s security officials visited the home, allegedly belonging to the person in possession of the prototype, and (according to the resident) 
. They went on to search the house without any warrant, and found nothing till today.
Leave no fingerprints. That’s the way corporate security is supposed to work. But John Theriault left big, messy ones when his Apple security agents penetrated the home of an innocent San Francisco man. Now Theriault is out of a job, and his creepy security department will probably be a lot more careful—about getting caught.
As you might have guessed, Apple ‘s track record when it comes to security isn’t good especially in the past couple of years, despite its deep obsession with secrecy, which explains Apple ‘s decision.
points out, John isn’t the only senior Apple exec to leave the company in the recent past. Apple ‘s VP of Retail Ron Johnson, SVP of Mac OS X Bertrand Serlet, VP of iAd Andy Miller and lead designer Sarah Brody have all left the company in the past months.

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