Apple updates iPhone 4S AppleCare+ policies

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Apple updates iPhone 4S AppleCare+ policies

Getting AppleCare+ for your iPhone 4S just got less complicated.

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AppleCare+ was introduced in conjunction with the iPhone 4S, offering buyers of Apple ‘s latest mobile phone technology the ability to protect their purchase for two years, even if the incident is accidental (a feature not available with previous versions of AppleCare).

The original plan for AppleCare+ was to offer the ability to purchase it at the same time as your iPhone 4S purchase. For $99, users receive phone support and in-store technical support for two years from the purchase date of their phone as well as the ability to get the phone replaced at a discounted rate of $49 should accidental damage be the reason for replacement.

Are you still with me? Good, but it was a little more complicated as I found out when going with my girlfriend to purchase her iPhone 4S about a week ago. According to the Apple Store associate who helped us, customers had to purchase AppleCare+ for their iPhone 4S at the same time as the phone, or you could still purchase AppleCare+ if you had to get your iPhone 4S replaced for accidental damage, but only if it occurred in the first year.

Basically, if the phone was going to be dropped, it had to be within the first year to take advantage of AppleCare+.

Thankfully, Apple has revised its policy for App… [Read more]

Apple updates iPhone 4S AppleCare+ policies

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