Apple Testing Siri On Non-iPhone 4S Devices?

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– the revolutionary voice activated personal assistant feature, one of the things that has been hotly debated is Apple ‘s decision to make the feature available exclusively on the new
, especially after hackers have proved that there is no technical reason why Siri can’t work on non-iPhone 4S devices by getting it to
now reports that Apple may be reconsidering their decision about Siri for non-iPhone 4S devices. According to their sources, Apple is apparently testing a build of iOS 5, which includes Siri support for the iPhone 4:
Today, we have a very interesting bit of news, tipped to us by a source close to Apple . According to them, Apple is testing Siri on devices other than the iPhone 4S. The device specifically mentioned to us was the iPhone 4, but we can most likely assume that other devices are being tested as well. This means that we will potentially see a software update that allows Siri to run on older devices.
The fact that they’re considering it after the iPhone 4S release and even letting employees use it outside of the campus as a test drive shows that there still is a chance this will become a reality. Yet, Apple has now finished the test drive and removed the feature from the employees’ iPhones to minimize the chances of it getting out.
App Advice also claims that another source has told them that the test on non-iPhone 4S devices went really well, except for the iPod touch as it’s microphone isn’t as good as iPhone 4’s, which could hold Siri from that device if it can’t be overcome by software.
Though this is great news for non-iPhone 4S users, both JailbreakNation and App Advice don’t have a track record when it comes to Apple related rumors, so please take this with a pinch of salt. We also think this will not go down too well with early adopters of iPhone 4S who have upgraded to a shiny new handset just for Siri. It will also affect the sales of iPhone 4S, which has been selling extremely well thanks to the hype that Siri has generated.
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