Apple May Change LED Backlight Design For iPad 3 With Retina Display

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next year.
reports that Apple is also planning to change the backlight design for the next generation iPad with Retina display.
With the next-generation iPads expected to adopt LCD panels with resolutions higher than 2048 by 1536, the current single LED light bar designed for the iPad 2 has to be modify in order to maintain or strengthen the brightness of the panels, the sources explained.
According to DigiTimes, the LED backlight unit vendors have offered two alternative backlight solutions for the next generation iPad.
One of the new LED light bar designs has proposed to keep the light bar in a single-bar form factor but with two LED chips inside; the other has suggested using dual-LED light bars, the sources indicated.
Apple is likely to adopt the design using dual light bars, as the backlight unit vendors have solved issues related heat dissipation and battery consumption for the dual light bar design.
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