Apple holds strong over bloatware in Japan

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Apple holds strong over bloatware in Japan

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According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has not given in to pressure from Japan’s largest cellular network, NTT DoCoMo, to include carrier-specific apps on the iPhone . Apple ‘s stance has caused negotiations to get the iPhone on NTT DoCoMo to stall.

NTT DoCoMo CEO Ryuji Yamada says that his company’s apps, specifically an e-wallet app and an e-mail service app, are important for his Japanese customers. While that may be true, Apple isn’t budging. Providing the user with a clean, nonbloated experience out of the box is what Apple is all about.

Most cellular phone companies have their own content distribution, e-mail clients, and special services that they charge extra for when they get new customers via preinstalled applications on most of their phones. This had been the model for years until Apple released the iPhone .

Without a single branding element from any other company on the device itself, and only a tiny indicator of what service you’re using in iOS, Apple has always tightly controlled its product’s look–especially with iDevices. Yamada (as many other carrier CEOs in the past) is attempting to stonewall Apple until he gets his software on the iPhone .

If history is any indicator, Apple will not fold. Yamada also explained that the upfront order… [Read more]

Apple holds strong over bloatware in Japan

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