Apple Disables Home Screen Shortcuts For Settings Toggles In iOS 5.1

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, but if you’ve not
then it is neat solution to quickly access the relevant Settings toggles so enable or disable them.
However, Apple seeded
to developers of iOS developer program and iSpazio reports that the custom home screen shortcuts no longer work in the upcoming iOS software update.
The hack worked as it was possible to access various Settings toggles via a URL. For example: the shortcut for Airplane mode toggle is 
. It looks like Apple has disabled access to these URLs in iOS 5.1.
It’s a pity as designer UI designer Jeff Broderick has also created a web-based ‘Settings’ panel, which uses these same URL schemes that allowed you to save the custom shortcuts for the Settings toggle for free.
In case you missed it, checkout the video below of how the home screen shortcuts for the Settings toggle worked:

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