App Store Changes: Improved Navigation On iPad, Chinese Yuan Now Accepted

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has brought a few changes recently, including improved navigation on the iPad and local currency payments in China.
reports that the App Store on the iPad was updated yesterday to include swiping. The “New and Noteworthy” and “Staff Favorites” sections now show page markers at the bottom of the page and users can swipe left and right to quickly navigate through pages of apps.
This has also been implementing in the “Release Date” section, along with improved performance. Here’s a screenshot from before the change:
Here’s what it looks like after the change. Notice the lack of arrow buttons and an overall cleaner look:
These changes have not made their way into “Purchased” tab yet, but it’s likely that this will trickle over soon.
Penn Olson draws attention to a different update, one for Apple ‘s Chinese users. The App Store now accepts payments in the local currency, the Renminbi (RMB). Customers can use local bank cards to fill up a pre-paid amount of 50, 100, 300, or 500 Yuan. The system works similarly to pre-paid phone cards and bus fare cards here in the US.
(image from
Previously, Chinese iOS users were required to use credit cards that could make transactions in US dollars. This limitation forced many users to download only free apps. Some even sought out iTunes “black cards,” which use hacked credit card accounts to give buyers dollars worth of credit on a temporary iTunes account for a mere few RMB. Apple ‘s move can be seen as a way to combat piracy and fraudulent transactions as well as a way to open up the store to more customers.

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