Analyst Claims iPad 3 To Get QXGA Retina Display

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reports that the iPad 3’s display is, in fact, a retina display with a QXGA resolution. Furthermore, the analyst claims that the displays are already in production.
Richard Shim, an analyst as DisplaySearch, confirmed the details of the upcoming iPad 3’s screen during an interview a few days ago. He confirms that the display will have a QXGA resolution:
“It’s happening–QXGA, 2048×1536. Panel production has started [for the next-generation iPad]. There’s three suppliers.”
that named LG, Samsung, and Sharp as the manufacturers and that they have already begun production.
has been a big hit over the previous iPad due to the upgraded A5 processor. Notably, it has the same 1024×768 screen resolution as its predecessor, despite launching after the
that was equipped with the higher resolution retina display. Rumors started about the
ever since.
“It takes a couple of weeks for the production to go to the ODMs (the manufacturers). Then the manufacturer puts them in the housing. Then, that goes off to shipment. We could start seeing finished devices produced in December. And then being ready to be shipped in January. With volumes gearing up in February and March,” he said.
Shim mentioned that the display will be an IPS panel similar to Apple ‘s previous products, and not an AMOLED display like Samsung’s mobile offerings. He also confirmed that Apple has been looking at smaller 7.85″ screens for a smaller sized iPad, and he says that they are likely to produce it.
“If there’s demand there. There’s no reason they wouldn’t build a 7.85-inch iPad.”
He said that the smaller iteration would be likely to ship later in the second half of 2012.
Would you buy a smaller 7.85″ iPad? Would you prefer the QXGA resolution on the 10″ iPad 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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