GlassesOff: iPhone app aims to boost your vision

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GlassesOff: iPhone app aims to boost your vision

A new app promises to make your eyes younger again.

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It’s no secret that as we age, our vision deteriorates. Over time, our eyes tend to lose their ability to focus on nearby objects. I know what that’s like. I’m farsighted.

I’ve always been told my poor eyesight is unavoidable and unfixable. So I felt hopeful at hearing that an iPhone app called GlassesOff promises to “help you achieve over 80 percent improvement in vision acuity” by training your brain to more efficiently process the blurred images that result from near-vision deterioration.

GlassesOff is set to launch early next year on the iPhone . The company that makes it, Ucansi, says the app can help older people (and perhaps younger farsighted folks like me) shed their reading glasses at least part of the time, and let others read without optical aids for longer than usual, reports New Scientist.

“As people age, the lens loses its focusing power, resulting in near-vision deterioration. Unable to focus the way we used to, images sent to be processed in the brains’ visual cortex are unfocused and processing is slow and very difficult, resulting in a blurred image,” as well as tired eyes and headaches, Ucansi says.

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GlassesOff: iPhone app aims to boost your vision

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