TableDrum app turns household items into drums

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TableDrum app turns household items into drums

TableDrum is a lot more portable than a real drum set.

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You can spot wannabe drummers from far away. They’re tapping on their steering wheels, whipping up chopstick rhythms at the sushi bar, and knocking knuckles on metal railings.

You can make your drum solo dreams come true with the TableDrum app for iPhone and iPad. Channel your inner John Bonham by mapping everyday items to the app’s virtual drum set.

For example, you can tap a pencil against your table and map it to the sound of a snare drum. Thump a mixing bowl and map it to the bass drum. Pick out a couple of different cymbals and sync them up to a finger tap and a coffee mug.

The key is to pick objects that have very different sound profiles. That helps the app avoid confusion with triggering the right sound.

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The drum sounds themselves are pretty satisfying and the app is very responsive. A classic rock drum set is included. You’ll have to pay extra for ethno/jazz or electro/glitch.

I took TableDrum for a spin using objects on my kitchen table. I was quickly … [Read more]

TableDrum app turns household items into drums

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