Sprint To Employees: Do Not Speculate About Sprint Getting iPhone 5

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According to reports last week, the next generation of Apple ‘s hugely successful iPhone will be
– the third and the fourth largest carriers in the U.S. respectively.
Do not Speculate about Sprint Getting the iPhone .”
We’ve received an internal memo providing employees with details on how to address customer questions about Sprint getting the iPhone . The memo advises employees not to speculate about Sprint getting the iPhone and even suggests the classic “no comment” response to external questioning.
“A recent Wall Street Journal article mentioned that Sprint is getting the iPhone 5. If you’re asked by a customer or just talking to friends or family members, you need to avoid making any comment about the iPhone and simple [sic] state “no comment.”
“Yes, I saw a few of those reports, I don’t have any information to share.”
The memo does not provide any evidence of Sprint getting the iPhone , but the “no comment” internal memo is being considered by some as a positive indication that Spring is finally getting the iPhone .
Based on the response from our readers to the report that iPhone 5 is coming to Sprint and the fact that Sprint actually had to send an internal memo indicates that there is a lot of interest for the iPhone on Sprint’s network.
, so it remains to be seen if iPhone 5 will also support Sprint’s CDMA network.
iPhone 5 is widely speculated to be launched in the first or second week of October.

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