RestoreTab For Safari: Jailbreak Tweak Reopens Closed Tabs In Mobile Safari

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feature in mobile Safari that is available in desktop browsers, which reopens the last closed tab, then an aptly named tweak called
can come to your rescue. The tweak is available for 
, iPad and iPod touch on 
The jailbreak tweak is especially useful if you have accidentally closed a mobile Safari tab and want to reopen the URL.
Modern desktop browser’s Cmd(Ctrl)+Shift+T feature for safari. (Restore Recently Closed Tab)
Restores the tab completely, including the history of pages visited.
When you tap the RestoreTab icon/button (similar archive icon in mail app), open new tab with recent close tab’s URL and restore backforward history of tab.
iPad version of RestoreTab button is found right-up corner of NewTab button instead of toolbar’s icon.
No new icons are created for your homescreen. There are no options to configure for this tweak.
RestoreTab for Safari is available on Cydia for $0.99.
As always, let us know if you found this jailbreak tweak useful in the comments section below.

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