Report: iPhone 5 to be a dual-mode ‘world phone’

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Report: iPhone 5 to be a dual-mode world phone

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Apple ‘s upcoming iPhone 5 will support access to both CDMA and GSM networks, allowing it to operate in most countries around the world, a source tells TechCrunch.

An unidentified app developer reportedly pulled information from registration logs that show two distinct mobile network codes (MNC) / mobile country codes (MCC). These codes, which are believed to have been entered by testers of a single device using Apple ‘s upcoming mobile operating system iOS 5, are unique mobile network identifiers belonging to Verizon and AT&T, TechCrunch said.

Apple now caters to both companies, but the devices are not designed to operate on each other’s networks; Verizon’s works on the CDMA standard, while AT&T’s iPhone 4 operates on a GSM network, the dominant global wireless technology and the standard in Europe.

While the iPhone 5 has been long rumored to be a CDMA/GSM world phone, Verizon’s iPhone has always had this capability, although it’s not activated. Teardowns of the device showed that it sports the Qualcomm MDM6… [Read more]

Report: iPhone 5 to be a dual-mode world phone

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