Report: iPhone 5 Hits Production; Packaging Delayed For iOS 5

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has already kicked off at Apple ‘s manufacturing partners’ plants.
The report further claims that these devices aren’t being packaged yet, since
is still in beta and not ready to ship.
Foxconn will reportedly produce 85 percent of the iPhone 5 production, while Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron has grabbed the contract for the remaining 15 percent. The report, however, doesn’t mention anything about the much rumored low-cost
nor does it reveal any sort of information on the specs of the eagerly awaited fifth generation iPhone .
, iPhone 5 hitting production stage early September seems very likely keeping in mind the rumored October launch of the device.
was seeded to developers the last week, and the maximum number of betas released for a major iOS release has been eight so far (
). We can expect the packaging of the iPhone 5 to start once iOS 5 enters Golden Master (GM), which doesn’t seem too far away.
 preparing their retail staff for the iPhone 5, 
 for the device also seem to indicate that the launch is near.
What do you think, would there be an eighth beta or would iOS 5 hit directly GM in the next couple of weeks?

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