Purported iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S Logic Board Reveals Faster Dual-Core A5 Processor?

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, images of the
logic board have hit the web.
, but it is definitely different from the logic board on the iPhone 4.
iPhone 4 themselves have different logic board designs, and the leaked part bears some resemblance to the latter version. The inclusion of a SIM card slot on the leaked logic board and its similarity to the CDMA logic board could possibly mean a
that supports both GSM and CDMA networks as some rumors have suggested.
Another big takeaway from the leaked images is the possibility of the next iPhone running on Apple ‘s faster A5 system-on-chip, which currently powers
. This of course isn’t really surprising, the A4 chip first made its appearance on the iPad and later made its way to the iPhone 4.
The evidence that points to the A5 chip is the rectangular area meant for housing the processor found on the leaked logic board as compared to iPhone 4’s square enclosure. The A5, as revealed in
is rectangular in shape while the A4 is square.
Ever since Apple launched iPad 2 with the A5 processor, it has been widely speculated that iPhone 5 will sport an A5 chip, in fact, according to one of the rumors, iPhone 5 has been delayed due to
The dual-core 1GHz A5 system-on-chip is twice as fast as A4 and offers 9 times faster graphics, which means everything works better – apps load faster, smoother multitasking, improved gaming experience, better FaceTime video calls etc.
We can’t wait to get our hands on the next generation iPhone powered by the A5 chip. What about you?

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