Photos Of Leaked iPhone 5 Parts?

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MacRumors has published a photo, which they claim is the proximity sensor flex cable of
They have also got an expert opinion from folks at Fixit about the differences between the leaked part and iPhone 4’s part.
We asked iFixit’s Kyle Wiens about the differences. He noted that the corresponding iPhone 4 part (pictured above/right) contains the power button, noise canceling mic and proximity/ambient light sensors. The new iPhone 5 part doesn’t contain the mic, so it must be placed elsewhere.
Folks at Apple .pro had also published photos of what they claimed were of iPhone 5 dock connector. At that time, MacRumors reported:
The part is nearly identical to the corresponding part found in the current iPhone , with the main exception of a slightly narrower connector and cable where the part connects to the device’s main board. The connector carries a part number of 821-1300-02, compared to 821-1281-A for the Verizon iPhone and 821-1093-A for the original iPhone 4. 
, which have indicated that camera flash in iPhone 5 won’t be attached to the rear camera lens.
We can’t wait to see the next generation iPhone . What about you?

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