Photos Of iPhone “4S” Casing Reveal Changes To Antenna System

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as the new entry level model, along with the
. There’re some suggestions that it may be called
(to avoid confusing it with iPhone 4), which will not only come with lower 8GB storage, but could also be made of different components to lower the manufacturing costs.
 has published images, which they claim are iPhone 4S casing. The images indicate that the so-called iPhone 4S will look like iPhone 4 but come with some minor changes to the antenna system.
The mid-frame images above show that this so-called iPhone 4S will have two antenna breaks at the bottom of the casing. This differs from both the AT&T (GSM) iPhone 4 and Verizon (CDMA) iPhone 4. In AT&T’s iPhone , the antenna breaks are in two spots, along the lower left side and top left sides. On the Verizon’s model they are both at the top sides of the casing.
The antenna breaks are in different position to accomodate different frequencies of GSM and CDMA networks. Apple had received quite a
The volume and mute switch are on the same side of the casing like iPhone 4. The other interesting bit is that the bottom frame of this so-called iPhone 4S does not have a defined
button area, like iPhone 4 or previous generation iPhones.
says that it is a little hard to conclude for it, but points out that there have been some speculations that Apple maybe changing the home button. According to some rumors, Apple could replace it with a
will be called iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, but as we’re getting more details ahead of the imminent launch, it looks like Apple will introduce the cheaper iPhone 4 and call it iPhone 4S and launch a completely redesigned iPhone , which will be called iPhone 5.
As we’ve mentioned before, though we still love iPhone 4’s form factor and design and believe Apple will still sell tons of 8GB iPhone 4S’ at the $99 price point, we wouldn’t mind a completely redesigned iPhone 5.

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