Nintendo Facing Intense Investor Pressure To Develop Games For iPhone

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device, Nintendo doesn’t have any sort of presence on the
. The company made these sentiments very clear when Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata publicly stated that their games would stay on just Nintendo gaming devices.
This could change very soon.
reports that Nintendo is facing increasing pressure from its investors to launch games for iPhone and other platforms.
Nintendo’s latest portable gaming device, Nintendo 3DS hasn’t done too well and the company was forced to reduce prices by more than 30 percent to increase sales. The company ended up reporting losses of $328 million last quarter owing to disappointing 3DS sales.
It seems that Nintendo’s investors finally realise the importance of smartphones in the gaming industry, now that the interest in exclusive gaming devices has fizzed out. Nintendo claims that the main reason for the lack of interest in the 3DS was lack of gaming titles available. While that may be a factor for low sales, another hard-to-ignore reason is that smartphones today are capable of doing almost everything a dedicated portable gaming device can, so it really doesn’t make sense to carry another devicce all around just for gaming. Sony, the company behind the PSP, realised this and launched Android based PlayStation Phones to stay in the hardware business and at the same time not loose out on the PlayStation brand.
Nintendo also needs to do something similar very soon, since its shares are at a six year low and investor annoyance is growing. Companies like Rovio and PopCap have seen tremendous revenues just by developing and selling software on the App Store. Nintendo’s past successes have ensured that it isn’t short on cash, which makes acquisitions of companies like Rovio an option.
The company’s stock rose when news emerged that Pokemon Co., a company affiliated with Nintendo, announced plans of bringing Pokemon to iOS devices. The rise however was short lived, since just hours later Nintendo clarified that it had no similar intentions.
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named ‘Atari’s greatest hits’, which included classics like Pong, Tempest, Asteroids etc.
We would be delighted to see Nintendo titles in the App Store. What about you?

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