More Evidence of 4G LTE iPhone

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According to couple of reports last week, Apple is testing 4G LTE iPhones, which has led to some speculations that Apple may surprise us by launching their highly anticipated
that supports 4G LTE networks.
We’ve since discovered the same LTE plist file in at least the last couple of developer builds of iOS 5. This LTE.plist file was found only in some of the builds (GSM iPhone 4, CDMA iPad 2, but not their counterparts) and it was related to Apple ‘s internal “Fieldtest” application. It raises the question whether or not the “internal iOS test build” was anything special or if it just mirrored the general developer release.
Forbes has also discovered an Apple job listing last week, which reveals that Apple is actively looking for field test engineers with expertise in LTE.
But as we have mentioned before, despite these claims, according to industry experts it seems highly unlikely that 
 this year. Apple executives have also indicated that 
, which are enforced by the current-generation 4G LTE chipsets. Chipmakers like Qualcomm, ST Ericcson and Intel are expected to launch the next generation chips towards the end of this year, which are expected to meet Apple ’s requirements. So Apple is widely speculated to launch a 4G LTE 
 in 2012 rather than this year.
The implementation of LTE networks has also not yet matured. AT&T and Verizon are expected to complete the rollout of their 4G LTE network nationwide only by 2013, which means that there isn’t much pressure on Apple to launch a 4G LTE iPhone this year.
But you never know, it’s Apple , they can always surprise us by launching a 4G LTE iPhone 5. What do you think?

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