LockGestures: Jailbreak Tweak Allows You To Launch Apps And Tons Of Other Things From iPhone’s Home Screen Using Multitouch Gestures

from your iPhone ‘s lockscreen without going through the usual hassle of unlocking your iPhone , searching for the app on the home screen and then launching it, then you should checkout
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LockGestures allows you to launch apps, play or pause music, quickly call someone, go to next or previous song and lots more by using multitouch gestures on your iPhone ‘s lock screen.
Here’s a description of the app from Cydia, which describes the features:
perform favorite actions by just making gestures on lockscren!!
play/pause music, launch apps, quickly call anyone, unlock in stype, go to previous.next song and much more by just performing gestures on your lockscreen!!
with LockGesutres you can perform your facorite actions by just performing gestures like double tapping on the lockscreen, ping on the lockscreen like you do to zoom webpages and pictures, swipe upwards with one finger, swipe down/left/right and many more gestures.
for example you want to launch iPod or any other facorite app and you have selected two finger tap. All you need to do is tap once with two fingers anywhere on the Lockscren and you will directly get to your iPod app (if you have a password it will ask you for it then directly take you to the iPod app) Or you want to increase your brightness and you have selected one finger swipe upwards with one finger anywhere on lockscreen and your brightness will increase.
If you have another tweaks which use the middle part of your lockscreen like lockinfo .. you can perform gestures in the clock area or anywhere there is free space
LockGestures also works on iPad and iPod touch and requires iOS 4.0 or higher. It is available on Cydia for $1.
Please note that you can access the settings for the jailbreak tweak via the Settings app (Settings -> LockGestures) after installing the jailbreak tweak from Cydia.
We’ve been playing around with the app, it works exactly as advertised and are loving it.
As always, if you try it out, let us know if you found this jailbreak tweak useful and also your favorite shortcut using it.

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