Leaked Camera Module Suggests Thinner iPhone 5?

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 Greek-iPhone .com
has published photos of iPhone parts, which they claim are for Apple ‘s next generation iPhone (as you might have guessed).
The photos reveal a high resolution camera module with LED flash and an audio cable. According to folks at
, the purported iPhone 5 camera module is different from iPhone 4’s camera module.
 It is round, a little thinner and appears to have more megapixels, the site informs. The part is labeled 00094 C6/11291 BB.
They have also published photos of the audio cable, which indicates that Apple is planning to change the layout of the buttons, assuming that it is indeed the real deal.
The below image shows the audio cable with the headphone jack, as well as connections for the mute/vibrate switch and the volume up and down buttons. Notice anything strange? The volume buttons are positioned on the right rather than on the left side. 
, so it is possible that the camera module is for iPhone 5. But the change in layout of the button contradicts the
, which indicated that the volume and the mute switch in iPhone 5 will be on opposite sides.
 ahead of the much awaited launch.
form factor and rumors about a cheaper 8GB iPhone 4S that looks like iPhone 4, it has been difficult to confirm if the leaked parts are for iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S or they could just be fake.
What do you think? Real, fake or really fake?

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