Leak: iPhone 5 will not have front-facing LED flash

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Leak: iPhone 5 will not have front-facing LED flash


According to a recent leak in the parts distribution chain, the iPhone 5 may not have the rumored front-facing LED flash as previously expected.

The photo shows what is purported to be the iPhone 5 camera module next to the camera module from the current iPhone 4. The two parts look extremely similar, though the iPhone 5 module seems to be lacking a front-facing LED flash unit, a feature thought to be a given for the new model.

Reports surrounding the camera for the iPhone 5 have stated that Apple will be using an 8-megapixel Sony unit, upping its current offering of a 5-megapixel module.

With Apple continually increasing the quality of the iPhone camera, one may wonder how long portable point-and-shoot cameras have until the smartphone market begins cannibalizing sales. Whether the front-facing camera on the iPhone 5 has a flash or not may not matter at this point. As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you. And if that camera is really good, you may not even buy another device.

Does Apple ‘s iPhone , and other smartphones with high-quality cameras, signal an inevitable end to the point-and-shoot camera market? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Leak: iPhone 5 will not have front-facing LED flash

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