iPhone Users In Korea File $25 Million Class-Action Lawsuit Against Apple For Location Tracking Issue

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, which had raised a lot of controversy.
 regularly tracks your iOS device and records the co-ordinates along with timestamp in a hidden file.
The controversy landed Apple into trouble as they were investigated by privacy regulators in South Korea, France, Italy and Germany.
At that time,
as reported by security researchers. Apple also confirmed that it had never done so and had no plans to ever do so. But Apple admitted that it could do a better job managing the crowd-sourced location database and
to fix the location tracking bugs.
But Apple was still fined by Korea Communications Commission. It looks like the issue isn’t closed as Bloomberg reports that approximately 27,000 iPhone users in South Korea have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple , seeking a compensation of one million won ($930) each. Bloomberg reports:
A group of South Korean users of Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone sued the company in a local court, claiming it invaded their privacy by allowing the smartphone to collect location data without their consent. 
About 27,000 people joined a class-action suit against Apple ’s South Korean unit and headquarters, seeking 1 million won per person ($930) in damages, according to a notice posted online by Mirae Law, which represents the plaintiffs. The suit was filed in Changwon, south of Seoul, where the law firm is located.
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