iPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S Front Panel Also Gets Leaked

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Last week,
 published photos, which they claim are images of the
. The part was labeled “EVT 2″ (Engineering Verification Testing) and dated June 7, 2011.
They’ve now posted photos of iPhone N94 prototype front panel. The part is labeled “EVT 1″ (Engineering Verification Testing) and is dated March 3rd, 2011.
The panel part shows same bezel space on the sides of the display, as well as similar space between the screen and the home button and top ear piece, when compared with iPhone 4. If you compare the digitizer component, it is exactly the same as that of iPhone 4 model. The home button might not be going anywhere and the cut-out area for Home Button is still circular which debunks earlier claim that iPhone 5 will get an elongated Home Button (rather capacitive).
, which is rumored to be the 
 with 8GB storage that will be introduced along with the next generation iPhone .
, so it is possible that these leaked iPhone parts are for iPhone 4S.
Though we still love iPhone 4’s form factor and design, we would be a little disappointed if Apple doesn’t unveil a completely redesigned iPhone 5. What about you?

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