Hurricane tracking apps for iOS

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Hurricane tracking apps for iOS


With Hurricane Irene making landfall in North Carolina, you’re going to want up to the minute info on the storm, especially if you live in the area or have relatives and friends that may be effected. Fortunately you can get an app for your iOS device that will give you all the latest information.

There are several apps for iOS that let you track hurricanes around the globe. But the best hurricane tracking apps give you up-to-the minute storm information, include radar and satellite images, and offer detailed push alerts for warnings and storm intensity changes. We found some very feature-rich apps for both iPhone and iPad and narrowed it down to one great app for each device.

Obviously, for mobility purposes, the iPhone will probably be your best choice for the latest updates and hurricane info right in your pocket. On the iPad, the added screen real estate means you’ll be able to easily view weather maps and watch radar animations on the larger screen. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to use the information from your app combined with local news sources to try to stay safe during hurricane Irene and the rest of this year’s hurricane season.

This week’s collection of iOS apps are all about tracking hurricanes. The first is for iPhone and offers tons of features for tracking weather news, maps, and animated radar images. The second is perfect for iPad users, taking full advan… [Read more]

Hurricane tracking apps for iOS

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