HP’s webOS Runs Twice As Fast On iPad 2 Than On TouchPad

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. HP hasn’t clearly stated what it plans to do with webOS.
Interestingly, folks at
 reports that instead of being disappointed that the webOS devices were being discontinued, everyone within the webOS team wanted the webOS based devices to go as the hardware was quite slow and outdated, preventing the team from innovating.
than on TouchPad, suggesting that one of the reasons for TouchPad’s poor sales numbers could be due to outdated hardware.
The hardware reportedly stopped the team from innovating beyond certain points because it was slow and imposed constraints, which was highlighted when webOS was loaded on to Apple ’s iPad device and found to run the platform significantly faster than the device for which it was originally developed. 
With a focus on web technologies, webOS could be deployed in the iPad’s Mobile Safari browser as a web-app; this produced similar results, with it running many times faster in the browser than it did on the TouchPad.
HP had been working on the TouchPad hardware much before it bought Palm. So after buying it last year, the webOS team at Palm were given the task of running webOS on the TouchPad hardware, which by the time of the launch was almost two years old.
Our source also indicated that HP also had plans to release a 7-inch version of the TouchPad, the TouchPad Go. This was already in production and before yesterday was expected to launch in the coming months. It is unknown whether it will ever see a public launch now. The TouchPad Go was seen as a better looking and nicer feeling device that had the potential to sell, with it believed that sales of the device would outpace the TouchPad’s if it had been released before its larger cousin.
Interestingly, HP was also working on the next generation TouchPad, which apparently was to sport a retina display and a metal body. But we are unlikely to see it as well as the smaller TouchPad.
It will be interesting to see if HP goes the licensing way or sells webOS to a company like Samsung or Amazon or as some pundits have suggested, just sell the patents that Palm owned, which apparently should now be worth a lot more than $1.2 billion HP had paid for Palm.
, as we would love to see how it works on iPad 2 and maybe even an
 . Would you be interested?

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