Hidden Video Calling Feature Discovered in Facebook Messenger iPhone App

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Facebook surprised us by releasing a standalone messaging app for the iPhone yesterday.
to be available in all the App Stores, folks at
report that one of their readers has discovered video components in the iPhone app, which indicates that Facebook will add a video calling feature in the Messenger app in the future.
The video component would seem to work on both Android (yep) and iPhone and would likely tie in with their recently announced Skype desktop video conferencing service as well.  The code looks very rudimentary at this point so it isn’t certain that the video can be enabled like the iPad version was with just a few tweeks.  
Apple ‘s new messaging service for iPhone , iPad and iPod touch, which will be available with
Based on the image above, it looks like Facebook is not content competing with just iMessage. It wants to also go after FaceTime – Apple ‘s video calling feature available on the
If Facebook releases the video chat feature, it is very likely to use Skype, as Facebook currently uses it for the Facebook video calling feature available on its website. The cross-platform compatibility of Skype’s video calling feature and over 600 million active users will be two significant advantages for Facebook over Apple ‘s Facetime feature.
What do you think about the possibility of video chat feature coming to Facebook Messenger? Let us know in the comments.

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