Google+ Finally Compatible With iPad, iPod Touch And iOS 5

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–  – its latest social networking project to compete with Facebook, it strangely was not compatible with
, so iPad and iPod touch users couldn’t install the app.
Google has finally released a new update for the Google+ app to add support for iPad and iPod touch. But it is still not a universal app, which means that it hasn’t been designed specifically for the iPad, so iPad users will have to use it in double pixelated mode to make use of iPad’s bigger screen.
According to the what’s new section, the update includes the following new features and changes:
that Apple has addressed the crashing issue in iOS 5, though it ideally shouldn’t need to do it until iOS 5 is officially released to users. But it seems to have been forced into addressing the issue to avoid all the negative reviews the app has been getting in the App Store due to lack of iOS 5 support.
Despite the iPhone only compatibility, Google+ has quickly become one of the top free apps on the App Store, so the addition of support for iPod Touch and iPad (kind of) should give it a further boost.
To update to the latest version of Google+ app, visit the App Store on your iPhone and select Updates, while iPad and iPod Touch users can download it using this 

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