Dolphin dives into iPhones

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Dolphin dives into iPhones

Gestures on the new Dolphin Browser for iPhone .


The Dolphin Browser made a name for itself on Android, carving out a space as a zippy alternative to the default browser while rapidly building a robust feature set. Dolphin for iPhone , released today, brings most of those features to iPhone owners. The most notable one, gesture-based browsing, makes it the only iPhone browser to support custom gestures.

Another interesting feature that Dolphin brings to the iPhone is its Webzine. It’s the browser’s in-house version of the streamlined, ad-free reading experiences that turn multipage stories on the web into a single vertical flow. Webzine includes works on more than 120 “channels,” based on the sites’ RSS feeds.

The browser bakes in a lot of tools that other browsers require you to reach for add-ons to get. The Twitter icon allows you to share via Facebook or Twitter, tabbed browsing replicates the popular desktop browsing option, and the built-in desktop agent allows you to force a site to render in its standard desktop view. There’s also the Speed Dial, for quick one-tap access to your most regularly-visited Web sites.

Unfortunately, Dolphin faces the same restrictions that other third-party browsers suffer on iOS. There’s no way to change your system’s default browser, and unlike on Android–where the default browser fa… [Read more]

Dolphin dives into iPhones

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