Azumio app turns iPhone into a stress gauge

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Azumio app turns iPhone into a stress gauge


Yesterday started like so many others, with me standing in the back of a noisy, sweltering bus that smelled of urine. But unlike previous mornings, this time I was able to use my phone to quantify my stress level as it mounted with each jarring pothole.

Armed with a new app called Stress Check on my iPhone , I could verify that the stress I was feeling was real–when I woke up my level was 1 percent, but on the bus it topped 100. And while a number of apps require an external attachment to take health measurements, Stress Check required just me and my phone.

Released a couple of weeks ago, Stress Check is one of several apps from Palo Alto, Calif. start-up Azumio, which recently received $2.5 million in series A funding. The company’s first health-oriented app, Instant Heart Rate (also available for Android), has generated 8 million downloads since its release in January. The company has more apps in the pipeline.

If it’s easy, and fun, to collect personal health data, more people will likely be inclined to do so–and take action, reasons Azumio co-founder Bojan Bostjancic, who stopped by CNET head… [Read more]

Azumio app turns iPhone into a stress gauge

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