Augmented reality meets D&D-style gaming

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Augmented reality meets D&D-style gaming

This rendering shows what the OggBoard will look like.


Dungeons & Dragons and other turn-based strategy games are alive and well. Gamers paint elaborate miniature fighters, monks, thieves, and monsters and send them out to battle on tabletops around the world.

OggBoard, a new Kickstarter project, is looking to bring those characters to life without plastic or paint. The concept is to mix augmented reality with board games so that knights and creatures take shape on your iPhone .

The OggBoard has an appealingly minimalistic design. It features a playing surface with small tiles and docks on either side for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Each tile is rendered on the screen as a different 3D character.

“We aren’t just trying to make new apps, we are trying to change the way players and developers think about strategy gaming,” said OggBoard co-creator Sam Lytle in an e-mail to CNET.

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Augmented reality meets D&D-style gaming

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