Apple To Phase Out Native Apple Store App in Favor of a Mobile Web App in 2012?

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that works in mobile Safari for iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch.
“proven source”, Apple is planning to launch the mobile web app in 2012, which will make it simpler and more easily accessible for users compared to the native iOS app.
Over the past months, we have observed Apple gradually shelving and re-touching a project to replace the native Apple Store application with a mobile web version of the Apple Online Store. Now it appears that Apple is working towards actually completing and launching the mobile version of the store.
This new online store, showcasing Apple ’s belief in powerful and innovative web-based experiences, will largely mimic the Apple Store application of today, according to a proven source. The big difference is that it will be far more accessible, and the iOS App Store download process will not get in the way of people looking to quickly purchase products on the go.
Though an iOS web app that complements the native app sounds like a good idea, we doubt Apple will phase out it native iOS app completely. It will be interesting to see how Apple plans to implement features such as the ability to  request help, check in for reservations, and receive meet-up alerts while at an Apple Store that is available in the native app in the mobile web app.
Would you prefer a mobile web app or the current native Apple Store app?

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