Apple To Launch iPhone 5 And Cheaper iPhone 4 In China In October?

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reports that according to Sohu – a Chinese website, Apple has reached an agreement with China Telecom to sell two iPhone models – the
before the end of October.
China Telecom is the third largest wireless carrier in China with an estimated subscribe base of approximately 108 million customers, of which approximately 13 to 15 million customers are in the high-end portion.
“According to, China Telecom will offer two types of iPhone that include the iPhone 5 and a ‘simplified iPhone 4,’” says White. “Essentially, this potential ‘simplified iPhone 4′ would be a more economical version of iPhone to target a broader customer base in developing countries such as China, allowing for an expanded market opportunity.”
We expect Apple to start offering iPhone 4 for $99 when it starts selling iPhone 5, and have heard rumors that Apple will also
, which is the current entry level iPhone for free with a two-year contract. It’s also not the first time we’re hearing the possibility of a simplified or a cheaper iPhone . According to a report back in April, which was based on information from a source who worked at an Apple part supplier, Apple was working on a
by using cheaper components to reduce the cost.
In our opinion, it seems highly unlikely that Apple will build two iPhone models, which will be differentiated based on the quality of components. We’re more inclined to believe that Apple will launch a smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone , which is not as feature rich as the regular iPhone .
It will be interesting to see if Apple will launch the cheaper iPhone in other markets like U.S., UK etc. or it will be only for emerging countries like China, India etc.
But the possibilities of a cheaper iPhone probably would make things very interesting in the smartphone marketplace. What do you think?

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