Apple Removes iCloud Music Streaming In iOS 5 Beta 7

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earlier in the week, there has been a lot of debate about whether iTunes in the Cloud supports music streaming as even though a video walkthrough of the feature suggested that it supported streaming, Apple insisted that
According to Apple , what appears to be streaming is actually a simultaneous listen and download. But we still felt that it was streaming based on how it worked, though a lot more superior than a true streaming service.
that was seeded to developers yesterday, Apple has made some changes to the iTunes in the Cloud feature, which makes it a listen and download service rather than a streaming service.
have published a video, which highlights the changes in iOS 5 beta 7:
With iOS 5 beta 7, when you play a song, it first gets downloaded to the iTunes music library on your device. Even if you skip a song, it downloads and stores the song on the iOS device. Previously, when you hit play, instead of tapping on the iCloud icon, the song didn’t get downloaded to the music library and instead seemed to get downloaded to a temporary cache on the iOS device. In fact, this is exactly how it still works on iTunes for Mac, even with iTunes 10.5 beta, which was released yesterday along with iOS 5 beta 7. Users need to explicitly click on the iCloud icon to download the song to the Mac.
If the song is downloaded to the device, it probably makes sense to download it to the music library rather than to a temporary cache, so that it doesn’t have to downloaded again if it a user wants to play it again. It remains to be seen if Apple will make more changes in future iOS 5 beta updates.
What do you think about Apple ‘s iTunes in the Cloud service? Please share your views in the comments below.

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