Apple May Add Augmented Reality To Maps iPhone App In The Future

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devices heavily relies on Google’s data, something which
surely doesn’t like. With acquisitions of mapping companies Poly9 and
, Apple hopes to change this very soon and a new patent filing indicates that it might use the data from these companies to build Augmented Reality right into the default Maps app. The patent filing also hints at turn by turn navigation, which would be superimposed on a real time video feed from the camera.
into a single native application,
Maps. The
, a one year old phone, has two cameras, a gyroscope, a compass, a GPS chip, a proximity sensor and an accelerometer. This provides loads of data about the device’s surroundings which can greatly simplify navigation and exploration, which is exactly what Apple intends to do in the future.
Turn-by-turn navigation with this layout would be a lot better than the static maps most navigation based apps presently provide. The image above shows directions to a certain, user selected point of interest, fetched from a server and overlaid on the display. So future device owners can simply tap on a point of interest on the video stream, and the device would fetch routing data from Apple ‘s servers to give directions.
These points of interest would not just be restricted to the area which is visible through the camera, it can also pull in data for relatively distant places. The solution like all other navigation apps, would issue warnings in case the user is headed in the wrong direction or there is a dead end or any other such possibility.
You would also notice a search field present at the bottom of the device in the image. This is again another way to find points of interest based on the search term, fetched from Apple ‘s location database. Depending on the user’s choice and location, the map can also be a simplified view displaying only relevant information making it easy-to-read.
It would be interesting to see where Apple ‘s crowdsourced traffic information fits into all of this, the company had acknowledged the existence of such a project in the
. Also fascinating would be to see all this information augmented on the large
screen, now that it is equipped with a gyro as well.
The patent has been filed in the name of former PlaceBase CEO and now a part of Apple ‘s “Geo Team”, John Waldman. The company has also been actively hiring people to be a part of its Geo Team, indicating how eager Apple is to
What do you think of the whole concept? Is there any app on the
which gives directions overlaid on a camera feed?

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