Apple could make 22 million iPhones next quarter

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Apple could make 22 million iPhones next quarter

Apple could produce as many as 22 million iPhones in the next quarter, forecasts Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar.

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In an investor’s note released yesterday, Kumar said the next iPhone , expected to launch in October, could account for almost 25 percent of the total volume in the fourth quarter, leaving the iPhone 4 to grab the lion’s share of Apple smartphone customers over the rest of the year.

Rumors have run rampant as to whether the iPhone 5 would represent a major upgrade over the iPhone 4, or sport just a few changes but retain the same basic features as its predecessor. Some reports have suggested that Apple could even unveil two phones–one a new and improved iPhone 5; the other a lower-cost version of the iPhone 4.

Kumar’s opinion is that the new iPhone would be an “upgrade and not a complete redesign,” and that the iPhone 4 would then be sold as a less expensive device, starting in October. The analyst believes that Apple could then conti… [Read more]

Apple could make 22 million iPhones next quarter

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