Apple already shooting TV ads for iPhone 5 (report)

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Apple already shooting TV ads for iPhone 5 (report)

Apple is reportedly in Los Angeles filming a commercial for the iPhone 5, expected to be released in October.

In the run up to the next iPhone , rumor has it that Apple ‘s already getting the unannounced device ready for its small-screen debut.

According to sources reporting to AppleInsider, Apple has begun production on TV advertisements to promote the iPhone 5 that will not be ready until the first week of October.

Combating rumors of the iPhone 5 release date have placed its debut at the end of September or beginning of October, with October 7 being the most popular line of thinking. According to an AT&T executive, the phone company will be ramping up its operations over the next couple months.

Last year saw rumors of a FaceTime advertisement being filmed to promote the newest feature on the iPhone 4 well before the iPhone 4 release date in the summer. FaceTime turned out to be one of the key features for the iPhone 4.

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Apple already shooting TV ads for iPhone 5 (report)

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