Amazon Takes The Web App Approach With Kindle Cloud Reader To Bypass Apple’s App Store Policies

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Apple ‘s In-App purchases policy had managed to upset quite a lot of developers, even after
. Amazon’s Kindle app was directly affected by these policies and
Today, Amazon has silently launched
, a web based Kindle avatar to tackle this problem. It not only allows users to read books, but also purchase them through Amazon and keep them on their devices for later use just like the native app.
Currently, Kindle Cloud Reader works on the
and the desktop, but it is very likely that Amazon will roll out an
optimised version of the web app as well. Surprisingly the Kindle Cloud Reader page doesn’t say anything about Android tablets, most probably because Amazon is content with Google’s relatively liberal guidelines.
The web app uses HTML5’s local storage capabilities to allow users to read and store purchased books, online as well as offline. It also comes with standard eBook reader features like choosing font size, text color, background color etc. It syncs your last read page with Kindle and other Kindle apps like the native app. It also allows you to see all the notes highlights, and bookmarks that you’ve made on other Kindle apps or on Kindle
When bookmarked on the home screen, it is a compelling alternative to the native version of the app, due to its seamless integration with the Kindle Store.
This is just the first amongst many eBook stores to be available on Mobile Safari. Kobo, another eBook store, had announced similar intentions to bypass Apple ‘s restrictions. But it looks like Amazon has shown the way of how exactly it should be done.
 on your iPad to try out Kindle Cloud Reader and tell us how it goes. Would you stick to the native app or switch to the Cloud Reader?

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