Verizon to Drop Price of iPhone 4 to $150?

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to $150.99 from $199.
This is based on a purported image posted by Verizon focussed blog – VZBuzz of upcoming summer deals from Verizon.
Perhaps the iPhone 4 is your phone of choice so how about a possible sale price of $150.99 which is an unheard of price break courtesy of Big Red. Apple is known for their fair pricing model which usually only providers retailers with a window of around $10 or so to discount devices. A $49.99 price break is almost to good to be true.
No word on when this sale is taking place but if you’ll notice the Verizon website looks a little different we’ll bet this sale and the website new look might drop around the same time. Nothing says fancy new website like special deals on some of Verizon’s most popular phones.
VZBuzz doesn’t know when Verizon plans to start offering these summer deals.
point out, the $150.99 won’t be a big surprise as Walmart was offering the GSM iPhone 4 for a discounted price of $147 in the month of June.
later this fall.
Will you buy Verzion iPhone 4 at that price or wait for iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments.

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