Survey: 35% Of Customers Will Buy iPhone 5 Even Though They Have Never Seen Or Tried It

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Call it fanboyism, call it trust in Apple or just call it gadget lust. 35 percent of nearly 3000 participants in a survey conducted by
even though no official specifications for the device are out. Whatever information that is known in the form of rumors have to be taken with a grain of salt.
The exact number of participants was 2,852, and they filled out the survey from 1st July to 11th July. The timing matters even more since as we go back in time, the information about the next generation iPhone goes on decreasing. The latest addition to the rumor mill is news that the
The survey had a number of questions with some of them being multiple selection types.
As the title says 35% of the sample audience said that they would buy the iPhone on launch even without trying the device.
30% of people would buy the iPhone 5 before the end of 2011; 14 percent within the first month and 7% within a week.
48% preferred iOS; 19% chose Android; 7% Windows Phone and 6 percent chose BlackBerry.
When it comes to receiving gifts, 69 percent indicated that they would want the iPhone 5; 7 percent wanted Motorola’s Droid Bionic and 4 percent wanted the Samsung Galaxy S II.
46% wanted 4G compatibility; 45% want a larger screen; 42% wanted a better camera.
The probability of a better camera in the iPhone 5 is very high, while recent news indicates a possibility of a larger screen. Apple has a history of improving battery life with every iteration of a product. A cheaper iPhone can perhaps come in the form of a
. Support for 4G LTE networks isn’t very likely since most networks still don’t have extensive coverage and Apple is not ready to make any design compromises forced by current generation LTE chips. Besides, only a few countries have 4G networks, and seeing how non-US countries are becoming an important part of the iPhone ‘s sales Apple would like to wait for all networks to follow the same standard before including 4G support in the iPhone .
surely would be delighted to see the survey results. Would you be one of the people standing in a line to get your hands on the iPhone 5 on the launch day?

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