Report Claims iPhone 5 Now In Final Carrier Testing Stage; Being Tested In Sealed Boxes

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and was being carried around by high level Apple and carrier executives.
The Guardian reported earlier today that according to their carrier sources, iPhone 5 is now in final carrier testing stage, suggesting that Apple could launch the
. Guardian also provides some interesting details of the carrier testing process.
My carrier sources tell me that the boxes in which the new iPhone hardware is encased have been transported to carriers for testing. This is an important step in the release cycle for any phone. … The next iPhones go for their testing inside locked and sealed boxes so that the carriers can carry out checks on their network compatibility in their labs. It’s very high security, as you could guess; my understanding is that barely anyone inside the carriers gets to open those boxes, and even when they do the hardware is encased in a dummy body which means there’s no clue to what the actual phone will do.
Last year, the
was found in a bar few months before it was launched, camouflaged in a case to look like iPhone 3GS. Back then, this is what
The case it came inside was a fully developed plastic case to house this phone to disguise it like a 3GS. This wasn’t just a normal case; it had all the proper new holes cut out for the new switches and ports and camera holes and camera flash. But it looks like something from Belkin or Case-Mate. It’s a perfect disguise.
We are assuming it is something similar when Guardian says the new iPhone hardware is being tested sealed boxes.
Guardian insists that Apple are in a position to launch iPhone 5 before October as the final carrier testing should take only weeks.
So if you notice a suspicious looking smartphone that looks like an iPhone , it could very well be an iPhone 5 or one of the cheap 
 that are already being sold in China.

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