Purported iPhone 5 Case Designs Hint At Larger 4-Inch Edge-To-Edge Screen, Curved/Sloped Back, Capacitive Home Button

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Folks at MobileFun.co.uk have published photos of two case designs, which they claim are of the
will completely redesigned with a larger edge-to-edge screen, curved/sloped back, and larger capacitive home button.
The image shown to the right is a design document for an iPhone 5 case, sourced to Mobile Fun from a Chinese case manufacturer. Luckily for us, the image shows the iPhone 5 and reveals some of the massive changes that have been made with the latest edition of Apple ’s iPhone .
Soon after receiving the first image shown here, we were sent from a different manufacturer a mockup of how another iPhone 5 case would look. This release seems to corroborate many of the features indicated by the first image.
MobileFun notes that it looks like the new iPhone will get a larger edge-to-edge 4-inch screen, which is achieved by a thinner bezel.
The case design also indicates a curved or sloped back, which MobileFun speculates would be made of metal and also serve as an antenna system instead of the stainless steel bands on
, that received a lot of negative publicity just after it was launched.
MobileFun also speculates that based on the case design, the new iPhone will get a larger capacity home button.
It is important to note here that Chinese case manufacturers have a mixed track record when it comes to predicting the form factor of iOS devices, so we would take this one with a pinch of salt.
But let us know what you think of a fifth generation iPhone with a larger 4-inch edge-to-edge screen, curved/sloped back, and larger capacitive home button.

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