Leaked Photos Of iPad 3 Dock Connector?

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Although the dock connector is almost similar to the first and second generation iPad models, what differentiates it from current models is the color of the actual connector portion. It is white in the leaked component as opposed to black in the
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 includes a 90-degree turn while the one in the iPad 2 is entirely straight. The website also talks about the component number of the part which has updated from 821-1180-A to 821-1259-06. We aren’t very sure what number scheme Apple uses for their components, but it is very likely that change from 1180 to 1259 in the second series of numbers indicates an upgrade. The leaked component however doesn’t in anyway predict the specs of the device.
We’ve heard rumors that Apple would introduce a new iPad model at a special event in September, along with the
. There is a lot of speculation about the nature of the upgrade though. Would it be a full fledged hardware and design upgrade or an incremental upgrade to bump up the specs? John Gruber who has a good history when it comes to predicting the future of Apple products
that it would make sense for Apple to introduce a line of iPads similar to MacBooks. So like the MacBook line of notebooks, even the iPad might come in variants with one of them being an iPad Pro

When it comes to accuracy,
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had correctly predicted a number of Apple products including the multi touch iPod Nano. If the component is indeed genuine, it remains to be seen if the new iPad, be it the
or the iPad Pro will be released in the next few months or in 2012.
What would you want in the next generation iPad besides the Retina Display?

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