iPhone 4 Camera Used to Capture Guitar String Vibrations

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camera might not take photos with the highest number of megapixels, it is one of the best smartphone cameras available. It is also the
, which makes it an effective point-and-shoot camera replacement. Guitarist and iPhone user (YouTube user name –
) wondered what would guitar strings look like when seen through the iPhone 4 camera.
So he dropped his iPhone 4 in video capture mode inside his guitar and uploaded the resulting video on YouTube. The video captures the movement of the strings and music can be seen coming off the vibrations. The effect is simply wonderful.
explains that the movement isn’t how the strings actually oscillate, but is a consequence of iPhone 4’s rolling shutter.
“Virtually all consumer grade digital cameras, including cell phones, do not take the picture instantly when you push the shutter button. Instead, they quickly scan over the
sensor from the top left to the bottom right, like the electron beam in an old CRT television. This is called
Whatever be the reason, the effect created is worth a watch, so hit the play button and enjoy!

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