iOS 5 May Add Bluetooth Support To Apple TV 2G

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beta, which indicate that Apple could add Bluetooth support to
that was launched last year.
Apple TV 2G comes with a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip, but the Bluetooth functionality is not enabled currently.
Apple is positioning this bluetooth support mainly for keyboards, but perhaps the bluetooth Apple TV will be able to connect to bluetooth iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches.
Users will be able to activate the device’s built-in bluetooth support via the standard settings menu. A standard pairing menu will then appear and users will need to connect with a provided passcode. Pretty standard stuff as far as bluetooth device setups go.
The ability to pair Bluetooth devices such as keyboard to Apple TV 2G would make it more convenient for data entry operations on Apple TV. But as
But activation of the Apple TV’s Bluetooth capabilities could also open the door to a host of other developments on the platform if Apple were to allow third-party apps on the Apple TV. Such possibilities include the ability to use other Bluetooth peripherals such as gaming controllers.
It won’t be very surprising as back in September 2010, Apple ’s CEO Steve Jobs had stated in an interview that ”
when the time is right, Apple could open an App Store for the TV
Last year, we’ve have also come across a Linkedin profile that described the position of an intern at Apple as an “Apple TV Apps Engineer”, which suggested that third-party apps for Apple TV are imminent (unless its for the pre-installed apps).
What do you think about the possibility of Bluetooth support coming to Apple TV 2G? Let us know in the comments below.

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