Facebook For iPhone Updated – Will It Stop The User Revolt?

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, it feels like Facebook has neglected the native app, which was considered one of the best
when it was released.
Facebook has just released a new version of the app (v3.4.4) to address some of the issues reported by iPhone users.
Restored the Send button for Comments, Chat and Messages
Will the update stop the user revolt? Based on the initial response, it doesn’t look like it as the new version of the app has already received one starred negative reviews with comments like 
, so it doesn’t
, which would work on mobile Safari, and we wonder if that is the reason Facebook has neglected the native iPhone app. It will also be interesting to see if Facebook will start focusing on improving or launching a completely revamped iPhone app after the recent success of Google’s
, which is now the top free app in the App Store.
As for now, you can download the latest version of the app using this
or download the update from the App Store on your iPhone and hope that it has resolved the issue/issues that has been bugging you. As always, please don’t forget to drop us a line to tell us what you think of the new version in the comments.

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