Face Recognition May Be Coming To iOS 5

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that was seeded to developers late last week.
We have taken a look at these iOS 5-exclusive APIs and they are highly sophisticated. The first, called CIFaceFeature, can determine through an image where a person’s mouth and eyes are located. The second API, CIDetector, is a resource within the operating system that processes images for face detection.
This presumably would power face detection via live motion imagery. The significance of this finding is that Apple is making face detection an even easier feature for developers to implement.
or Apple could be working behind the scenes in developing a killer app using these face recognition APIs.
Apple had acquired Polar Rose, a Swedish face recognition company in 2010, and it is quite likely that their technology is being used for this feature in iOS.
You can checkout the demo video of an augmented reality app called Recognizr, which Polar Rose co-developed to get a glimpse of what to expect:
, which generated quite a bit of interest from our readers. Checkout the demo video of the app:
As always, let us know your thoughts about the possibility of face recognition technology in future version of iOS in the comments section below.

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