Confirmed: Apple World’s Top Smartphone Vendor

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Samsung May Have Surpassed Apple , Nokia in Second-Quarter Smartphone Sales
“. This might have created some tension at Cupertino, but research firm IDC’s latest statistics on global smartphone shipments reveal that Apple managed to stay slightly ahead of Samsung’s numbers. Thus it maintains its title of the ”
The numbers posted by IDC show that the smartphone market as a whole grew by more than 75 percent over the past year. Major contributors to this growth were of course the iPhone and Android phones.
, sold more than 20 million
the past quarter as compared to Samsung’s 19.2 million handsets. Apple now holds 18.5 percent of the smartphone market, one percent ahead of Samsung which commands 17.5 percent. Nokia on the other hand lost more than half of its market share over the past year, thanks to its dismal state of operations.
is more than a year old.
, a two year old phone that can still run most of the
apps without any glitches.
The past quarter saw Samsung’s highly anticipated phone, the Galaxy S2 being launched in a lot of countries. It’s impressive smartphone sales numbers were primarily because of the newly released S2.
The Galaxy S2 has not yet hit US shores.
Apart from Android, Samsung also sells Bada OS based smartphones, which have sold a good amount in Asian countries.
Samsung has chose not to disclose its sales numbers due to competition. Samsung numbers shown here are an estimation of research firm IDC.
Despite the recently released Galaxy S2, Samsung could’t top Apple ‘s shipments when Apple didn’t even update its smartphone catalogue for more than a year. The coming quarter will see the
release and also the US launch of the Galaxy S2. The competition is going to even more fierce with these two launches. Not to mention Apple ‘s ongoing patent wars with

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